CSR Policy

With the determination of Mr. Weerawat Chaengyoo (Founder), he aimed that every household of Thai people having a good health by drinking clean, safe and quality water. The business operation of TSR or Thiensurat Public Company Limited is therefore a business that places importance on social responsibility. Policies and operations have been formulated with social responsibility for all groups of stakeholders including shareholders, customers, trade partners in an appropriate and fair manner along with transparent disclosure of information and realization of the importance of good corporate governance.

As for the employees, the company looks after by adhering to the principle of fair wage management suitable for living comfortably. There are financial supports in the form of financial aid in various forms, including other benefits such as provident funds, medical expenses other than social security,staff uniform, annual health check, annual trip etc. Along with promoting employees to have work-life balance according to the philosophy of the sufficiency economy principle.TSR also encouraged employees to reduce consumption of using electricity and paper and participate the social contribution campaigns in communities.Some of internal campaigns were drinking water from water purifiers to lessen the amount of waste such as plastic bottles to reduce global warming, classification wet and dry trash to help filter waste and encouragement for recycle or using the leftover waste such as water filter boxes.

TSR also promoted employees to join Happy Workplace Center project with the Office of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to enable employees to work happily in the organization. In addition, the company also engaged in training programs in relation to the preparation of protection standards and solving drug problems in working place by the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, Nonthaburi andthen received a diploma award White Factory Project at Golden Dragon Hotel, Muang District, Nonthaburi.

Corporate Social Responsibility in process (CSR-In-Process)

Based on the above aspirations, the president invented the water purifier manufacturing process and has continuous developed until now by the production process at every step from upstream to downstream that has gone through a screening and inspection process. Starting from the process of selecting materials to assemble the water filter with a food grade material (a standard that certifies that it can be used with food and beverages in the legal quantity) and it is also strong and durable. For the filters used in the production process, the company has selected quality filters both from the country and from abroad with international standards. It uses activated carbon with iodine number 1,150 which has a higher chemical absorbency than the standard adsorption standard number 1,000, which is also certified by NSF (Nation Sanitation Foundation). The research and product development department has sent water to outside agencies to test the water quality on a regular basis including the inspection of raw materials that meet the qualifications as specified by the company. The company will focus on selecting supplier of standardized raw materials in order to obtain the best raw materials that can be used with the Company’s water purifiers. In the process of testing the quality of the water purifier, the water that flows from the water filter will be stored in the water storage tank that the company has set according to the water consumption that is suitable for the production process (there are 5 tanks, 4,000 liters each). Such water will be treated thoroughly before being used for washing the filter and the water flowing from the cleaning filter will flow to the reservoir to precipitate after cleaning again and the clean water then flows into the municipal sewer. All production process in accordance with the ISO standards, which the company has received ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9001: 2008 certification and has prepared a standard manual showing the procedures clearly for using in the production process to meet the quality standards set.

After the sales process, the company also provides quality after-sales service with customer satisfaction checks since the sales process, installation and the company’s products by customer relations staff (Call Center). For the expiration of the filters used in accordance with the specified standards such as 2 years or 20,000 liters, the company will notify customer to request filter replacement. When the customer agrees to change the filter, the company will ask for the old filter to be used for proper management. It is classified into good filter and low quality filter. For good filters, it will be used to improve the quality for sale to manufacturers of water filters for industrial use. Poor quality filters are then processed into a composite of aerated concrete for internal use to construct a new factory. The impervious filters will be disposed of by skilled contractors to carry out further disposal. The plastic that has been returned from the customer either from a filter or from filter unit will process plastic pellets for distribution to trading partners by separating the grade of plastic pellets before selling as income returned to the company.

Policy overview

Policy and Guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the principles that Thiensurat Public Company Limited has continually emphasized throughout the period of business operation. The organization will grow sustainably by vision, mission, coupled with the ability to conduct business with integrity and ethics and also good corporate governance principles which includes being responsible for the community and society.

The company has therefore established a social responsibility policy as a framework for operating various aspects to the board of directors, executives and all employees to abide by with confidence, faith and understanding in the principles of good corporate governance to cultivate the awareness of social and environmental responsibility at all levels and ready to support the community and society with a focus on promoting and developing in line with the needs of the community to improve the quality of life and well-being of the community over the long term. This Corporate Social Responsibility Report has been arranged by Thiensurat Public Company Limited in accordance with the principles and guidelines of corporate social responsibility stipulated by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, which is divided into 8 areas as follows:

1. Business operation with equity

In order to ensure fairness in business operations, Thiensurat Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries have established a policy of the company by placing importance on the rights of all groups of stakeholders whether they are internal stakeholders, including employees and executives of the company or external stakeholders which include customers, creditors, government sector and other related agencies, as well as the community, society and environment.This is not only specified as only by law but also non-conduct that violates / deprives the rights of stakeholders by stipulating business ethics guidelines as follows:

Shareholder Responsibility Policy

Has established a policy on corporate governance in order to increase transparency and increase the confidence of shareholders, investors and all related parties by setting policies and operating directions of the company as well as giving importance to the internal control and audit system and supervising the management to implement the policy effectively for the best interest of shareholders.

In this regards, shareholders have the rights to determine the direction of the company’s business operations or to make decisions on matters that have a material impact on the company in the shareholders’ meeting, thus it is an important platform for shareholders to express their opinions, ask questions, and consider a casting vote and select a committee to supervise the company Instead. Therefore, shareholders have the rights to attend shareholders’ meetings which they will have enough time for consideration and acknowledge the meeting result. There is a system to ensure that the shareholders will be treated equally in shareholders’ meetings.

Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest by setting measures for the performance of the employees that

  • Employees must avoid conflicts between their personal interests and the interests of the company in their dealings with business partners and others.
  • Employees must fully devote themselves and their time to the affairs of the company. In case there is a need for other work to increase income or for other purposes outside of working hours, the work must be in the following manner :
  • It does not affect the work of their duties.
  • It does not violate the law or the public order and good morals of the people
  • There is no negative effect on the reputation and business of the company.
  • Not contrary to the interests of the company.
  • It is not a use of company secrets.

The prohibition characteristics mentioned above are clearly stated in the operating regulations No. RorBor2-11 / 2554 Re: Regulations on the performance of company employees which appear in Section 7 on Discipline and Disciplinary Penalty, Item 3: Employee Discipline

2. Anti-corruptionpolicies

The company has established rules and regulations on anti-corruption and prohibits the directors, executives and employees of the company from conducting or accepting any form of corruption either directly or indirectly and prohibit all employees of all positions or family members absolutely claim for property, money, gift or any other benefit from vendors, contractors, subcontractors, business partners, venture capitalists or anyone who involved in the company’s business including accepting gifts or items from those involved in the company’s business.  Due to claims of money, gifts, assets or other benefits of employees or their family members, it may affect the decisions of employees in performing an act that is not in good faith or justification which led to the channel of corruption or it may cause a conflict of interest, as the case may be, by clearly stating in the operating regulations, No. Ror Bor. 2-11 / 2554 the regulations on the performance of the company employees.

The company has taken steps to prevent involvement with corruption and corruption by communicating all levels of the directors, management, and staffs are required to be in strict legal scope. If an error occurs in the operation process due to negligence be unaware of,then be punished according to the law. The company provides a channel for reporting if any violations or corruption are found. There are measures for protection as well as rewarding for the reporter or the person who also cooperates in reporting corruption as specified in the company’s regulations.

3. Respect for human rights

All human rights are equal. It has the human dignity, rights, liberties and equality of persons recognized. Both ideas and actions that cannot be violated are protected by the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand and international treaties.

Thiensurat Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries give importance to respect for human rights recognizing the value of human resources and wanting employees to be proud of the organization by promotes a participatory work environment and provides equal career advancement opportunities. The employees will be developed to promote knowledge and competence comprehensively and continuously to create values and maintain business excellence under the guidelines of human resource management as follows:

Equality and equal opportunity

The company’s management treats all employees with equal respect, dignity and human values.

Recruitment and selection of employees is carried out by adhering to the company’s benefits and achievements with integrity, principle of equality, the core competenceand necessity of doing business in order to get “good people” and “smart people” with attitudes consistent with work and corporate culture. By taking into account the properties of each position on educational qualifications, experience and other requirements that necessary for the job, there are no restrictions on sex, age, race, religion or personal relationship.

Establish a compensation system based on the capabilities of the employees and providing benefits and welfare to employees and their families by taking into account the salary structure that is consistent with the economic situation and wage hikes by considering the success of the business and performance and also the perseverance of the employees.

Support and encourage employees to be continually developed both in terms of core business capabilities, managerial competence, and the ability to perform tasks by supporting both budget and time for continuous development. To develop the ability to work and provide opportunities for employees to advance in their careers as well as develop personnel to be quality people which have a good attitude and knowledgeable in working.

Foster a good communication environment to bring about a good relationship and efficiency in working together.

Promote and provide opportunities for employees to have communication channels to suggest and make complaints about grievances about their work, livelihoods and welfare through the welfare committee of the workplace. The recommendations will be taken seriously and solutions will be determined for the benefit of all parties and build a good relationship to work together.

Promote and provide opportunities for employees at all levels to study abroad to open up opportunities and enhance life experiences which they can applytheir perspectives or knowledge to work.


The supervisor should act in a respectful manner to the employees and employees should not take any action which disrespects their supervisors.

All employees must not take any action that violates or harasses whether or not it is verbally or actions against others on the basis of race, religion, age, physical and mental disabilities.

Fair labor practices

The company believes in the power of employees in the organization that it is an important force in driving organization vision and mission efficiently and accord with business operation strategies. Therefore, the company has recruiting new employees with knowledge, abilities, skills, good attitudes and readiness to join the company along with retaining existing employees to increase knowledge, abilities and skills, able to work together as a team.This will achieve the company’s goals effectively and efficiently. The most important thing that the company has always focused on is to allow employees to work happily, love and be proud ofthemselves on being part of the organization.

Wage management, compensation, and benefits

The company takes care of the employees by adhering to the principle of fair wage management which is suitable for happy living. There are various forms of financial support and welfares such as provident fund, medical expenses that are apart from social security, uniform, annual health check, annual company outing, etc. along with promoting employees to have their work-life balance according to the philosophy of the sufficiency economy.

Human rights and liberties

The company attaches great importance to the protection of human dignity. Human rights and liberties by supervising the operations of the company not to be involved in human rights violations including treating all employees equally. Provides an opportunity for employees to complain in writing and propose to the supervisor.The company has also provided cabinets or boxes for comments and suggestions, as well as other complaints within the company to allow employees to express their opinions and complaints. A welfare committee of the workplace will bring comments and suggestions as well as various complaints of employees to present to the management on the day of the management meeting to meet employees on a monthly basis.

Employee potential development

The company has a systematic human resource development process for employees of all levels with both potential development and organizing processes for developing employees to be more efficient, such as coaching, motivating, mentoring, on the job training in order to make all employees feel they are a part of the organization.

4. Participation in social and community creation

The company supports and encourages all employees to participate in various social and environmental (CSR) activities by establishing a policy for each department and branch of the company nationwide. Have participated in doing good deeds Give back and provide assistance to society and communities at both local and national levels. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) working committee has been established to take care of the social responsibility project under the name “Thiensurat sharing kindness for the society” that arises from the uniting of employees who have volunteer spirit to contribute to society and the environment.

5. Responsibility to consumers

In addition to complying with the law, Thiansurat Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries have a policy for all employees to perform their duties in accordance with business ethics related to customers or partners as follows:


  • Commit to strictly adhere to the business conditions applicable to customers. It is fair and reliable.
  • Strive to provide complete, accurate, timely information and promote ongoing communication and relationships with customers.

Business partners and contractors

  • Committed to providing products and services with standards under the principles of competition on an equal database and criteria for evaluating and selecting trade partners and contractors. Provide a suitable contract format and also manage a management and monitoring system to ensure full compliance with contract terms and prevent fraud and misconduct at all stages of the procurement process. If this cannot be done, negotiation must be made in advance to find solutions, prevent damage and have the principle of paying payments to trade partners and contractors on time according to the agreed payment terms.
  • Committed to develop and maintain lasting relationships with trading partners and counterparties who have a clear objective on the quality of goods or services that worthy of monetary value, technical quality and mutual trust.
  • Employees are prohibited from asking for any dishonest or personal benefit from business partners and contractors.
6. Environmental management

The company realizes the importance of energy saving and environmental protection. There is a campaign of environmental management, including the most efficient use of electrical equipment which is considered a social responsibility.

Handling of the filters returned from the customer, if the customer changes the filter or take the device back, it will be classified as good filter and low quality filter. For good filters, the company will improve the quality for sale to manufacturers of water purifiers for industrial use. For low quality filters, the company put it through the process of making light weight concrete blocks for internal use to build a new factory. The impervious filters will be disposed of by subcontractors who have the expertise to carry out further disposal.

As for the factory, the effluent quality is checked according to the effluent standards of the Ministry of Industry because all 4 factories are close to the community which the company recognizes the safety and quality of life of the community.

7. Community and social development

The company realizes the importance of conducting business on the basis of ethical conduct and good virtue coupled with helping and contributing to the creation of a sustainable Thai society. The company realizes the need for clean drinking water for communities in remote areas so the company has supported by participating “Sanitary toilets project to commemorate the 60th Birthday Anniversary of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn” by providing 60 units of SAFE water purifier;  P-Health Model and also co-sponsored for Children’s Day prize to the Community of Samaki Place, Nonthaburi Municipality and the community of Tonson 2 , Pakkred District, Nonthaburi, which is in the vicinity of the company. Moreover, the company helped the victims by donating things during the floods and has provided water purifiers and pre-filters cleaning services to customers in flood-affected areas without charge at all.

8. Innovation and Dissemination of Innovation from Corporate Social Responsibility

With the company’s determination to create innovation to fulfill happiness and quality of life both at work and at home. This allows the company to drive the organization to create innovation by doing research and product development and also various services to meet the needs and ensure that these are suitable for use in daily life continuously and for today’s rapidly changing environment.

  • Activities for the benefit of society and the environment (CSR-After- Process) in the last year are a company activity performing other than normal business operations. The company has supported and encouraged all employees to take part in various social and environmental activities by setting a policy for each agency and the company’s network of branches that are located throughout the country have participated in doing good deeds, give back, and provide assistance to society and communities both local and national levels according to the details of various activities as follows:

Community development

  • The company and employees have jointly made merit-making before the Buddhist Lent Day every year at Sai Ma Tai Temple, Muang District, Nonthaburi.
  • The company places the importance on education and health of the youth of the nation for the future by donating water purifiers to Chonlaprathansongkhro School worth 48,000 baht.
  • The company together with all employees jointly donated items to help flood victims at Yothaya Sub-district, Bang Nam Priao District, Chachoengsao and Bang Yang Sub-district, Ban Sang District, Prachin Buri.
  • The company gives a piggy bank as a prize to support Children’s Day event to the Community of Samaki Place, Nonthaburi Municipality and the community of Tonson 2, Pakkred District, Nonthaburi, which is in the vicinity of the company.
  • The company provided lunch for women and children and donated 3 units of SAFE water purifiers; Power Health Model to the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women under the Royal Patronage of HRH Princess Soamsawali,The Princess Sudhanarinat.
  • The company donated SAFE water purifiers; Power Health Model to Pakkred District Office to be exhibited at The Best of Nonthaburi event at Central Rattanathibet Department Store and after that will be use in filtering drinking water for visitors at Pakkred District Office.

Public health development

  • Since 2013, the employees have donated blood to Siriraj Hospital at the Company’s office.
  • The company supports the project of the Department of Health on the occasion of the 60th Birthday Anniversary of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, 2014-2015; the Company supported such projects as follows:

1) The company participated in the press conference to raise funds to support the hygiene project in honor of the 60th Birthday Anniversary of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and donated 30,000 baht to support the project to contribute to the Child and Youth Development Fund in the Wilderness at The Promenade Lifestyle Mall.

2) Hygiene project in honor of the 60th Birthday Anniversary of Her Royal Highness Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn, 2014-2015, the company donated 60 water purifiers worth 450,000 Baht to schools in the wilderness to contribute to the Child and Youth Development Fund in the Wilderness.

Supporting activities of various agencies

  • The company joined for the Red Cross Project in 2014 organized by Nonthaburi Province and the Red Cross, Nonthaburi. It is a project that invites faithful people to donate property and things. Therefore, the company donated 20 units of P-Health water purifiers worth 150,000 Baht to join the Red Cross shop at the Red Cross Fair in Loi Krathong Festival and the Celebration of the City Pillar Shrine, Nonthaburi Province in 2014.
  • There was the Charity Walk-Run Project in honor of the 5th December the Great organized by Bang Kadi Sub-District Municipality, Muang District, PathumThani, where the income is presented as a royal charity. Therefore, the company supported 3,000 bottles of TSR drinking water to be used for giving to Bang Kradi Sub-district Municipality for the participants of the charity walk-run project.