Message from the Board of Directors

In 2020, it was the time that global economy and society affected by the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The company has adjusted the operations strategies both reactive and proactive plans, collaborating with all department teams and enabled us to overcome the crisis. The company was fully aware of the safety and hygiene of the customers, employees and stakeholders, so the operating procedures were executed in accordance with the Government’s Policy and Protocol to control the spread of disease. In order to build the customers’ confidence, the company committed to deliver good health and safety to every household with good quality products and services. Non-infected Sales teams was created with strict control by sanitizing all equipment related to sales and services and regular trainings all front-end staff to perform the duties with high protection for minimizing the risk of infection. In addition, employees were allowed to work from home or conducted pre-screening program prior entering the working area according to the Public Health measures. The company also supported the staff’s families that ran into difficulties, also the communities nearby the company head office and subsidiaries by donating daily necessities, for example, drinking water, meal boxes, etc.

As for business operations, the company strategically adjusted sales on O2O platform (online to offline) by cooperating among Digital Marketing Team, Sales Team and Services Team to fully support the needs of all customer groups nationwide, amid the behaviors and lifestyles changing in the “New Normal” way of life. Moreover, the company was able to launch two new products at the right speed for the needs of customers and markets which were SURE-Bright, the Fighting Model with mid-price range to enable the consumers who have limited budget to access clean water and RO system (Reverse Osmosis Membrane) called SAFE RO2 model, to help solving the salty tap water problem due to brackish water conditions caused by drought and rising sea levels. With excellent feedbacks, the company also extended its strength and expertise in relevant products such as Watermate (Point of Entry Water Treatment) towards the area without tap water supply water treatment system for household and Hot-Cold water dispenser with a built-in water filtration system for corporate usage. Another company achievement in 2020 was the business expansion in the commercial market (B2B) through a joint venture with Alpine Water Co., Ltd. for distributing ice maker machines with technology from Europe under “Alpine” Brand, which has capacity to produce various models to fulfill the needs of small and large businesses including household use. It has enhanced the growth of company’s core business (Cross Selling) focusing on the strength as drinking water expert and to meet requirements of any businesses in terms of cleanliness, safety, convenience and cost-saving in operation.

As for the performance in 2020, the company and its subsidiaries generated total revenue, including interest from hire purchase and income from loans of the subsidiary, 1900.91 million baht, an increase of 16.71 percent from the previous year due to effective and efficient management of the sales team. The group’s net profit was 143.3 million baht, an increase of 30.56 percent from the previous year.Although 2021 is another challenging year due to the slowdown economic continued from the previous year and the changes in consumer behavior, the company is carefully outlined business roadmap including precise risk assessment to sustain the growth and expansion while celebrates 45th Anniversary for the company since Khun Weerawat Changyoo, the founder and former CEO, has started water purifier business. In the last quarter of 2020, the company planned for new great change with revision of brand strategies for both corporate and product levels to create an explicit company image and brand identity to be modern, outstanding and different from the competitors. This reflects the new vision, not only be the leader in water purifier business, but “Be the best solution provider to empower life’s quality for everyone”. Using English alphabet “TSR”, a new logo with curved line represents the concept of water rippling (Ripple Effect), keeping on spreading widely, as similar as the meaning that our business will continue growing and moving forward. Meanwhile, the actions we have done thus far will improve every household, business and everyone’s quality of life from now and ever. The company will start implementing this concept in 2021 with the alignments of sub-brands in the group to support each other’s growths and strengths.

Lastly, thank the Management team and all employees for collaboration to overcome this crisis through the determination, efficient operations and high flexibility under unexpected circumstances in accordance with the honesty, sincerity, discipline and responsibility. Thank the customers, business partners, all stakeholders for trusting the company and providing TSR the opportunities to be a part of “A Life of Sharing” to build business growth towards sustainability and stability.

Mr. Sahas Treetipbut
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ekarat Changyoo
Chief Executive Officer