About Safe

Over 45 years of experience with more than 1 million units distributed nationwide, Safe has high quality and service that exceeds standards. The product features a stylish, compact design, ease of use with superior service- free installation at home nationwide. There are various models covering all filtration technology systems to suit the condition of raw water quality:

While using quality filters and equipment according to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards, new products are continuously developed to meet the needs of consumers for a clean, safe and healthy lifestyle pattern.

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Water purifiers that cover all filtration systems

Why you need to use Safe

Have technical and (after-sales) service team serving to customers’ home nationwide

Have variety of products to choose applicable for source of raw water’s quality and number of family members

Use standard materials, equipment, filters with quality control on production

Be an expert in the market over 45 years of experience

Provide installment service without credit cards

The difference of Drinking water filter VS Home-Using water filter

Drinking water filters: The water filter system has a filtration process similar to the home- using water filter. But in terms of water quality and removal of contaminants from the water before it is consumed, especially various pathogens, drinking water filters can be installed separately at several points of use.

Home-Using water filters: A water filter system that is intended to improve water quality before entering the home water supply system. And it is also the preparation of water before entering the drinking water filter system. Especially in brackish water, saltwater, hard water areas (for areas using groundwater). Moreover, this water filtration system will also help preserve the water supply system in the house from causing problems in the long run. This water filtration system should be installed as the second inferior to the water meter. After that, the filtered water will be distributed to various parts of the house, as well as to the drinking water filtration system.

Safe offers a wide range of drinking water filters, including UF, UV, RO and other systems, including the Water Mate home water purifier that helps filter the using water to be cleaner