About Safe

Over 45 years of experience with more than 1 million units distributed nationwide, Safe has high quality and service that exceeds standards.

The products through research and development of quality covering all filtration technology systems to suit the condition of raw water quality and product features a stylish, modern, easy to use and has a full range of services. the product demonstration installs the product as well as after sales service

While using quality filters and equipment according to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards, new products are continuously developed to meet the needs of consumers for a clean, safe and healthy lifestyle pattern.

health problems due to unclean drinking water. Water is, therefore, vital for having a good life just after drinking clean & safe water in everyday’ s livings.

As a result, “DrinkCo” stands for Drinking Company: a company to provide drinking water products and services, was established to be a distributor of over 10 leading water purifier brands from all continents of the world i.e. United State, Germany, China, Korea, Japan and key local players.

This is not only to inspire everyone to realize the importance of drinking clean water and to easily access to clean water, but also to meet all lifestyles and budget plans whether in a single house, condo, office, business, restaurant, coffee shop from a variety of designs and technology functions, Suitable for all conditions of water through quality service covering nationwide. Free delivery, Free installation with various installment services

Safe water filter meets all applications.

Why you need to use Safe

Choose a water filter that is suitable for water conditions.