Company Profile

TSR or Thiensurat Public Company Limited

TSR or Thiensurat Public Company Limited was established in 1976, opened the business 45 years ago up to the present by producing and selling water filters mainly direct selling. The company was registered with an initial capital of 1,000,000 million baht under the name “Thiensurat Company Limited” and transformed into “Thiensurat Public Company Limited” in 2013, starting to trade in the Stock Exchange of Thailand first day on June 19, 2014 (FIRST DAY TRADE) under the ticker symbol “TSR”.

The company has a majority of its customers in the Bangkok Metropolitan area including the main cities in other provinces by expanding the service business in sub-branches to cover and reach customer groups in all areas across the country and also increase in sales through online channels and telemarketing. Moreover, there is a conglomerate such as Safe Trading International Co., Ltd. which operates as a distributor of water filters to Giffarine Skyline Unity Co., Ltd. (large direct selling company), Thiensurat Leasing Co., Ltd. which operates as a distributor of consumer electronics monthly installments, personal loans, car loans, etc., and a group of venture capital firms such as TSR Lao Co., Ltd. operates the business of distributing water purifiers and related products including electrical appliances In the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and being a partnership to produce water purifiers to SUCCESSMORE or SuccessMore Being Limited, a company incorporated in Thailand which its businesses are selling consumer products and nutritional supplements both domestic and international and also expand new business lines by joint venture with Alpine Water Co., Ltd. to distribute ice machines.

Company Milestone

The great year to change with revision of brand strategies for both corporate and product levels to create an explicit company image and brand identity to be modern, outstanding and different from the competitors. This reflects the new vision, not only be the leader in water purifier business, but “Be the best solution provider to empower life’s quality for everyone”. Using English alphabet “TSR”, a new logo with curved line represents the concept of water rippling (Ripple Effect), keeping on spreading widely, as similar as the meaning that our business will continue growing and moving forward. Meanwhile, the actions we have done thus far will improve every household, business and everyone’s quality of life from now and ever.

  • Launched the project name" Pun Namsai jakjai Safe transform to, Pun Namsai Jakjai TSR" in line with the company's rebranding. And affiliated business groups.
  • Revision logo of sub-brands in the group such as Alpine, Safe, Drink and Ponsabuy

As for the performance in 2020, the company and its subsidiaries generated total revenue, including interest from hire purchase and income from loans of the subsidiary, 1900.91 million baht, an increase of 16.71 percent from the previous year 2020 the global economy are affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic situation. The company has focusing  selling on the O2O (online to offline) model, connecting the digital marketing team, sales team and service team to support the needs that cover all customer groups across all regions amid the changing operating behavior. Life and lifestyle in the New Normal era (New Normal)

  • The Company launched new product, the SURE Bright, a moderately priced, providing access to clean water for low purchasing power consumers. And another product of RO (Reverse Osmosis Membrane) system is the RO2 model to solve the problem of salty tap water Brackish water
  • Expanded the market for household water treatment system Water Mate (Point of Entry Water Treatment) to regional areas outside the water supply area and a hot - cold water dispenser with a built-in water filtration system for use in corporate businesses.
  • Expanded opportunities to the commercial market (B2B) by joint venture with Alpine Water Company Limited to distribute ice machines with European technology. Under the brand named Alpine (Alpine) that has a variety of models. It can accommodate all needs of businesses, both small and large. Including domestic use it is considered to be an extension of the growth of the core business (Cross Selling), emphasizing its strengths from being an expert in drinking water. To meet the needs of business operators In the area of ​​cleanliness, safety, convenience and cost savings in business operations

The Company focuses on providing after-sales service and launching new services to obtain heart share of consumers, which are the Company's strength and using famous actors to communicate the SAFE brand to be more famous.

  • The Company launched a new product, Safe D-Lite, to meet the needs of modern families with limited living space. And it can also be installed by themselves (DIY).
  • The Company launched a new service under "SAFE MAN" with famous actors as the presenter, providing various services such as free delivery and installation services, repair and media replacement, bill payment service for goods and installment payments in the case of payment in installments without credit card, including providing water advisory services or demonstrating products to customers at home.
  • At the annual general meeting of shareholders, the Company approved a decrease in the Company's registered capital from 662,198,922 Baht (662,198,922 ordinary shares at par value of 1.00 Baht) to 549,682,133 Baht (549,682,133 ordinary shares at par value of 1.00 Baht) by writing off 112,516,789 unissued ordinary shares.
  • On 22 July 2019, the Board of Directors approved the closure of Fedders Thai Company Limited, an affiliated company in which the Company held 59.99% of the shares, in order to reduce the Company expenses incurred. This is because the said affiliated company had no longer assembled the Fedders air conditioners to be sold and a dissolution of the company was registered on 30 September 2019.

  • On 5 June, the Company changed its paid-up capital from 516.73 million Baht to 521.85 million Baht due to the 3rd exercise of warrants (TSR-W1) on 31 May.
  • On 20 September, the Company entered into a cooperation agreement to produce products for Successmore Being Company Limited, a listed company in Thailand, engaging in business selling consumer products and dietary supplements domestically and internationally.
  • On 27 December, the Company changed its paid-up capital from 521.84 million Baht to 549.68 million Baht due to the 4th exercise of warrants (TSR-W1), as the final exercise on the 20 December. The TSR-W1 warrants have expired and ceased to be listed on the SET since 21December.
  • The Company launched a new product, Safe Lite, the water purifier using the new technology Fibredyne Standard filter imported from USA. It is a combination of PP and Carbon filters with outstanding feature to filter sediments and contaminants more than those of carbon block, with a filtration resolution of 0.5 microns, able to filter cysts, bacteria, as well as can inhibit the growth of bacteria (bacteriostatic). The Fibredyne Standard filter is certified for NSF/ANSI42, and the Activated Carbon filter is certified for NSF/ANSI61, and the KDF-55 filter is certified for NSF/ANSI42,61.

  • On 21 March, there was an official opening ceremony of TSR Lao Company Limited in Vientiane.
  • On 2 June, the Company changed its paid-up capital from 467.18 million Baht to 516.73 million Baht due to the 2nd exercise of warrant (TSR-W1) on 31 May.
  • The Company has received a petty patent on natural mineral stone filter media (Alkaline Mineral) passing a test according to AS/NZS 4020: 2005 performed by Eurofins AMS Laboratories Pty Ltd, a leading institution of Australia (AMS). The Company was also listed on the website of the NSF Product and Service Listings for the use of NSF/ANSI42 certified Spun Polypropylene Filter Cartridge.
  • The Company continuously expanded its branches in order to reach more customers and serve all regions of the country. At the end of 2017, the number of branches and service centers was 22 branches and 2 service centers.

  • On 2 June, the Company changed the paid-up capital from 401.33 million Baht to 467.18 million Baht due to a partial dividend payment as ordinary shares on 22 May, and exercise of the right to purchase ordinary shares under the Warrant No. 1 (TSR-W1) was fixed on 31 May
  • On 11 July, the Company established Thiensurat Leasing Company Limited (“TSRL”) to operate business providing personal loan and car title loan, etc. Later in November, it was approved by the Ministry of Finance to operate a personal loan business under supervision. The Company holds 100% of shares, with an investment of 50 million Baht.
  • On 11 November 2016, it was resolved to pay an interim dividend at 0.11 Baht per share (the number of paid-up shares is 467,178,789 shares, equal to 51,389,666.79 Baht). This dividend was paid from its performance of the nine months in 2016 (which is the portion taxed at rate of 20%), scheduled to pay to shareholders on 9 December 2016.
  • On 16 December, the Company registered a joint venture to establish TSR Lao Company Limited (“TSR Lao”) in Lao People's Democratic Republic, jointly investing with the JB group to operate a business distributing water purifiers and related products and electrical appliances. The Company held 49% of the shares, approximately amounting to 17.05 million Baht (3,920 million Lak).
  • The Company's 5 models of water purifier have passed a test according to AS/NZS 4020: 2005, performed by Eurofins AMS Laboratories Pty Ltd, a leading Australian institution (AMS): 1) SAFE Super AlkaLine; 2) SAFE Alkaline Mini; 3). SAFE ROMA Alkaline Plus; 4) SAFE UV Alkaline, and; 5) SAFE UF Alkaline.
  • The Company developed new products such as Safe ROMA Plus, a water purifier outstanding in water purification with RO (Reverse Osmosis), Safe UF Alkaline, a water purifier outstanding in UF (Ultra Filtration) of PVDF type, with filtration resolution up to 0.01 micron. Both models help condition the purified water to alkalize to suit healthy drinking.

  • On 12 May, the Company registered an increase in its capital from 344 million Baht to 602 million Baht, with paid-up capital of 344 million Baht.
  • On 18 June, the Company changed the paid-up capital from 344 million Baht to 401.33 million Baht due to partial dividend payment as ordinary shares on 22 May 2015.
  • The Company purchased ordinary shares of Fedders Thai Company Limited (“Fedders”) from existing shareholders, where at the end of 2015, the Company held 59.99% of the shares.
  • On 21 December, the Company issued 200,666,316 units of warrant valid for 3 years from the date of issuance in 2015.
  • The Company launched three models of water purifiers:
    1. Safe ROMA Alkaline Plus outstanding in water purification with RO (Reverse Osmosis).
    2. Safe UV Alkaline outstanding in UV disinfection. Both models also help condition the purified water to alkalize to suit healthy drinking.
    3. Safe i- Life, a water purifier that filters water with UF system in a compact design, with high filtration efficiency.
  • The Company launched and sold "Safe Electrics" branded water heaters in late November through modern trade channel (e.g. Home Pro) and through the website (
  • The Company continuously expanded branches by opening new branches and renovating some of the existing service centers into branches. At the end of 2015, the Company had 14 branches and 6 service centers.

  • The Company purchased 2 plots of vacant land: one is adjacent to the existing area of the Company in Pathum Thani Province, total area of ​​300 square wah, to expand production in the future, and the other one is vacant land located next to the company's headquarters, an area of ​​1 rai 46 square wah, to prepare for business expansion.
  • The Company launched a new product for the Safe water purifier, Model: SUPER ALKALINE, by adding alkaline mineral stone filter media, which help to condition the filtered water into a weak alkali to help balance the body. This is developed from Power-Health Safe Water Purifier.
  • The Company launched new products to respond the needs of consumers with small family, apartment and condominium residents as follows:
    1. Safe Alkaline Mini, a water purifier developed with a focus on design, compactness and beauty, which maintains important natural minerals in water and improves the water condition to have a weak alkalinity.
    2. Safe Ecomize Pitcher, a water filter pitcher with ease of portability
  • The Company expanded its operations in other regions by opening 4 branches: Phitsanulok branch and minor branches: Phetchaburi, Songkhla and Ubon Ratchathani to support selling of water purifiers and filter media as well as after-sales service.
  • The Company entered into a commercial alliance contract with 2 companies: Origin Property Public Company Limited and Office Mate Public Company Limited, to expand distribution channels.
  • The Company entered into a partnership with Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd. as a distributor of air conditioners under the brand "Daikin" in Bangkok and metropolitan areas. They are available for selling in both cash and installment forms.
  • On 19 June 2014, the Company’s stocks began to be traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (First Day Trade) under the ticker symbol “TSR”.

The Company was registered as a public company called “Thiensurat Public Company Limited” and proceeded to increase its registered capital to 344 million Baht with the paid-up capital of 258 million Baht and the un-paid capital of 86 million Baht reserved for Initial Public Offering.

  • The Company installed Cisco Contract Center Solution, a program to support its business expansion through CRM (Customer Relation Management) to manage customer database and after-sales service more efficiently. This helps support distribution of products via Telesales system, as well as offering new products to existing customers in the future as well.
  • The Company redesigned its brand image to be more distinctive and modern. At present, it is in the process of registering a new logo with the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce.
  • The Company purchased 2 more rai of land to expand the parking lot of its salesmen and prepare for the future expansion of the Company's office, and purchased land to expand its production capacity in the future on an area of ​​9 rai in Bang Kadi Sub-district, Mueang District, Pathum Thani Province.

The company moved its office location to Soi Chuchat Anusorn 4, Bang Talat Sub-district, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province.

  • The Company launched a new product, Safe Power-Health Water Purifier, adding a silver-coated mineral stone filter to help increase beneficial minerals such as magnesium and calcium to the body. It is developed from the Safe Power V Water Purifier, thinking highly of health enhancement.
  • The Company was certified for ISO 9001: 2008 standard on assembling water purifiers and mineral water pots by Moody International Certification Ltd.
  • The Company purchased approximately 1 rai of land opposite to the current head office to expand the parking space for its salespersons.


Be the best solution provider to empower life’s quality for everyone.


Core Values

Business Overview

TSR or Thiensurat Public Company Limited

It was established in 1992 with a registered capital of 1 million baht, with the aim of producing and direct selling the dual pipe water filters and has developed continuously until it is a water filter with a multi-stage filtration system to provide quality and safe filtered water for healthy body. In 2013, the company was registered as a public company under the name Thiensurat Public Company Limited and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on the 19th June, 2014.

The company has operated a business of producing and distributing water filters by using a Single Level Direct Sale in the distribution of water filters since 1976, a total of more than 45 years. The company has a majority of its customers in the Bangkok Metropolitan area including the main cities in other provinces and has expanded its business by opening branches to cover all regions of the country to focus on customer services thoroughly and sell through new sales channels such as modern trade and online platform.