About Alpine

Alpine ice machine was initiated with the intention to enhance the quality of life of everyone from consuming premium ice quality; Clean and Hygienic. Additionally, the key goal is to uplift Thai ice machine industry with the innovation and excellent technology derived from the experiences of Alpine Water Company Limited. The ice machines, therefore, are highly efficient, durable and have a long service life suitable for restaurant and coffee business owners looking for a better alternative in today’s ices that focus on Cleanliness, Safety and Good Taste!

In order to emphasize the strong resolution for uplifting the standard of ice machines beyond the traditional standard, the company has made a joint venture with TSR or Thiensurat Public Company Limited to develop the relevant water purifiers using for ice production to ensure the best ice’s quality. With the collaboration and steady development, it was well recognized by the leading restaurant and coffee café chains.

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Three main reasons to use Ice Machines

Worry free from uncleanliness ices.

Able to have ices at your site to consume anytime.

Short time for return on investment.

Alpine Ice Machine

Regular Ice Machine


• High Productivity
• Clear, Clean and Safety
• Full Capacity


• Low Productivity
• Possible for Contamination
• Incomplete Capacity

Touch Systems

• Touch Screen
• Automatic Control
• Display Working Status

Touch Systems

• Basic Screen
• Manual Control
• No Display


• Imported from Well Known Countries
• Strong Performance
• Durable


• Disclosed Imported Sources
• Short Service Lifetime
• Too Heavy

Water Filter System

• Safe Water Purifier
• 8 Steps – Water Filter
• Can connect to drinking water system

Water Filter System

• Any Water Purifier
• 1 Step- Water Filter
• Easily Broken

Current Customers

“No. 1 Ice Machine” that customers have trusted for a long time with the standard in production, products’ quality and applying technology from many countries leading to be an Alpine ice machine.